Release Notes


On this page, we share the selected release notes and commits on a regular basis with the public. Those release notes only relate to the current production system and only include features, enhancement and bug fixes that will benefit current end-users of Credit Sense. We deploy new releases at least once per week and they contain many more internal commits than listed on this page. As a general rule, we tend to work on two versions of the product at the same time: one currently in production and the next-generation version of our platform.


Bug Fixes – any bug fixes
Enhancements – performance improvements, updating existing features and documentation
New Features – new features or product (e.g. new DP for clients to use)

2021 Releases

13 Apr 2021

  • Update T&C in New Zealand to have a 24-month option
  • Multiple UI enhancements for new reports
  • Support backwards compatibility for new reports
New feature
  • Implement new report template in New Zealand for Detailed Affordability – CCCFA

01 Apr 2021

  • Ability to view new reports from Leads page in CS Dashboard
  • Improving performance to view new reports from CS Dashboard
  • Multiple UI enhancements for new reports
New feature
  • Implement new report template for Commercial report

23 Mar 2021

  • Support delivery of new reports via API and webhook
  • Multiple UI enhancements for new reports
  • Update API documentation for version 2.2

11 Mar 2021

  • Multiple UI enhancements for new reports
  • Create two different templates for Welcome Email to differentiate between Credit Sense and Integration Partner type of clients

10 Mar 2021

  • Multiple UI enhancements for the new reports
  • Update API documentation by adding 3 new endpoints related to authorities: “cancel”, “deleteAuthority”, and “renewAuthority”
  • Improve performance for new reports

04 Mar 2021

  • Fix user access to branding on CS Dashboard
  • Ability to view Equifax branded reports from the Dashboard screen by clicking the view button and by clicking the drop-down option to view the report
  • Multiple UI enhancements for the new reports
  • Update API documentation with a preview of upgraded version 2.2
  • Update content for client onboarding Welcome email

01 Mar 2021

Bug Fixes
  • Fix the sign-in button when login to CS Dashboard using MFA
  • Update Equifax and CS branding when user login to CS Dashboard
New Features
  • New Equifax branded reports available on production

19 Jan 2021

  • Update API documentation for search app endpoint to limit the search to the last 7 days if the date range is omitted (although it is not required), for searches conducted without an App_ID, Transfer_Token, and/or App_Ref.

12 Jan 2021

Bug Fixes
  • Fix system notices components to load correctly on the User Profile page in CS Dashboard

06 Jan 2021

  • Fix the ability to download files as zip

2020 Releases

December 2020

Bug Fixes
  • Fix typo in the online banking screen on the customer journey
New Features
  • Create new decision points (DP626) for the Business bank account profile flag

November 2020

Bug Fixes
  • Fix spelling error for Username in User Profile
  • Update details for test bank flow in the customer journey
  • Update browser compatibility for Mac users who upgraded to complete customer journey using Chrome
  • Fix connection issue when user logging into CS Dashboard.

October 2020

Bug Fixes
  • Fix ability to support v2.1 for new and existing API endpoints
  • Fix refresh authority create date in the tooltip in CS Dashboard
  • Remove user checkbox in CS dashboard for internal staff
  • Fix displaying of content in the API documentation
  • Improve performance in faster processing time in the customer journey to complete CS application
New Features
  • Create new decision points for home loan products

September 2020

  • Improve CIBC login form customer who uses MFA when login to their internet banking to support drop-down functionality
  • Improve the ability for NZ clients to successfully send Quick Link to customers via SMS
  • Sorting the order of bank selection list alphabetically on Quick Link page
  • Update report schema in the API documentation
  • Update content for Canadian customer email
  • Enabled v2.1 endpoints for client environments
  • Update content in the invoicing email sent out to the clients

August 2020

Bug Fixes
  • Fix export button on CS Dashboard to allow clients to export CS applications on the Applications tab.
New Features
  • Provide the ability to give a rebate to our client on the Credit Sense cost for the leads that the client pushes into Lead Market based on the volume of CS application created.
  • Provide the ability to transfer report ownership between clients via Transfer Token

July 2020

Bug Fixes
  • Fix report margin
  • Fix toggle function for T&C
  • Fix system notices URL
  • Fix sending status code in the customer journey
  • Update NAB Connect Business Banking login form
  • Update customer withdraw email content
  • Update when customer receives refresh authority email
New Features
  • New Decision Point for Salary
  • Ability to subscribe to system notices
  • New Decision Points for income and salary

June 2020

  • Update Quick Link email content
  • Custom expiry day for Quick Link
New Features
  • New status subscription on Change Bank step
  • New Decision Point for Income for Canada
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