Data Delivery

Credit Sense Data

Whatever your use case for customer data and insights, you need to get it from our system to yours – quickly and securely. We support a range of manual and automated options to securely access Credit Sense data and insights.

Data Delivery

We offer a comprehensive range of secure options to access customer data and insights.

Depending on why you use Credit Sense and your internal processes, you might use one or many of them to get the most benefit for you and your customers.

Data Delivery Features


Our secure webhooks automatically trigger when the customer completes the customer journey and delivers the payload (data, analytics, custom insights, supporting documents) to your secure endpoint.

If you want to automate the secure delivery of Credit Sense data into your system immediately upon customer completion, webhooks are a great solution. Webhook delivery supports:

  • Creating customised user journeys based on Credit Sense insights in real time
  • Automated logging and audit processes
  • Providing staff access to Credit Sense reports and supporting documents in your system


Our API gives you the flexibility to securely query and retrieve customer data, analytics, custom insights and supporting documents whenever you need to.

It’s the best option if you need to integrate the Credit Sense platform with a non-publicly facing app such as a desktop application that cannot expose an HTTPS endpoint accessible via the internet.

Our API also allows you to automate internal processes that need access to data stored with us, and perform activities like creating quicklinks.

Client Dashboard

All customer information is available via our secure client dashboard. If you need the ability to find, view and download customer data, analytics, custom insights and supporting documents securely without integrating our webhook or API solutions, our client dashboard might be right for you.

Our client dashboard has a range of user security features to control and monitor user access, see our client dashboard features to find out more.

Help To Get It Right

Not sure which data delivery option is right for your business? Don’t worry, we’ll work with you to understand how your team and systems will consume our service and help you to choose the best data delivery options for you.

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