My Credit Sense

How healthy is your budget?

We all know we should pay attention to our budget - but how many of us actually do?
Checking bank transactions is time-consuming and difficult. It’s common for that task to sit low on our priority list...
Without an up-to-date budget, getting a loan or reducing your spend becomes a complicated task. With the cost of living skyrocketing, knowing what you’re spending money on empowers you to make informed decisions and find opportunities to save.

Boost your budget with My Money Health

My Money Health does the heavy lifting for you. It’s a simple report showing a holistic view of your income and spending for last 6 months, so you can see exactly what’s happening - and take control of your finances.

Boost my budget

Keep your budget up-to-date

A budget is only as good as its accuracy. My Money Health lets you see changes in your income and expenses daily, so you can focus on making little changes to your spend, resulting in big benefits.

Update my budget

Quick, easy, and you’re in control

My Money Health takes the pain out of preparing and tracking your budget, so you can make decisions to improve your financial health.

Get started in 3 easy steps:

  1. Pick a plan that’s right for you
  2. Connect your banks
  3. Open your My Money Health report!

Put me in control

Build your budget using industry-leading tech

We work with banks and lenders every day to help them understand customer spend and income. We're making the same technology available directly to you via My Money Health, so you can supercharge your personal budget with our proven analytics.

Supercharge my budget

Predict your upcoming expenses

The way we all spend money changes over time. Sometimes you have large one-off purchases or things you buy at irregular intervals. So how do you know what your expenses are right now, and what they’ll be in the coming weeks? My Money Health uses powerful algorithms to predict your upcoming expenses based on your historical spend over the last 6 months.

Show my predicted expenses

Reduce your living expenses

Reducing your living expenses is difficult. More so if you’re not sure what they are now and don’t have a way to track your progress. My Money Health clearly sets out your income and transfers and uses 150+ categories to automatically group your living expenses as home, transport, entertainment, or personal spend.

Help reduce my spending

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