Lead Market live in Canada

We’ve been supporting our Canadian clients for a number of years with Credit Sense and we’re proud to announce they can now also start leveraging the the #1 platform available for selling and buying leads! The Lead Market platform enjoyed by lenders and lead generators in Australia and New Zealand is now available to our Canadian friends, branded as Lead Exchange.

New platform features

We’ve added several new features to support the Canadian market, some of which will also be welcomed by our Australian and New Zealand clients.

Timezone support for schedules

Lead Market schedules enable buyers to set the days and hours that their bids are active. E.g., if you only accept applications during business hours, schedules allow you to configure your bids to turn off automatically outside of business hours.

Until now schedules ran exclusively on Australian Eastern Standard Time, and users needed to manually calculate the offset for their timezone. Now with timezone support you can set schedules in your local timezone and we take care of the rest.

Send customer engagement emails from your own domain

When you buy a lead we connect the customer with you by re-directing them to your lead landing page directly or via emailed & SMS’d links. Emailed customer engagement links are usually sent from us however for Canadian buyers, customer engagement emails will be sent from the buyer’s domain.

This feature gives you direct access to email responses from customers and makes it easier for you to provide timely responses and deliver a better customer experience. This feature is currently only available in Canada but will roll out to Australia and New Zealand soon!

Talk to your Account Manager today to find out how Lead Market can help grow your business.

About Lead Market

Lead Market is a live trading platform that enables appropriately licensed participants to sell and buy highly qualified live finance leads.

Lenders & lead generators selling leads

Lead Market provides a stable, high conversion rate for lead sellers. We can deliver this because our unique market produces reliable conversion rates and consistent value for lead buyers. Additionally, lead sellers are paid per sale and funds are available immediately when a sale concludes. Reporting, charting and config is provided via a live dashboard.

  • Easy integration
  • High conversion rate
  • Build a revenue stream from your non-conforming applicants
  • Funds from lead sales are available immediately at sale
  • Full visibility of customer journey, sales funnel and charting

Buying leads

Lead Market uses a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) based bidding model. You simply set how much you want to spend to acquire a customer (get a contract) and what volume of contracts you want per day. From there our machine learning Smart Campaign engine manages your campaign to achieve your CPA target.

  • Engaged customers pushed directly into your application process in real time
  • No disengaged customers, old or duplicate leads
  • Customer’s income and expense insights produced from their bank transaction history
  • All leads include the customer’s application information, last 90 days of transaction history and a FREE Credit Sense report
  • Cost per acquisition based bidding model
  • Full visibility of customer journey, acquisition funnel and charting

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